After the release of ICIJ’s panama papers, it takes almost 2 years to end the political drama in country. In early days of Panama Paper leaks no one believed that Nawaz Shareef will be convicted along with his daughter. Days after conviction it’s still difficult for many analyst to digest that a man who is that powerful and wealthy can go to prison in Pakistan. PML-N top leadership failed to understand the seriousness of case and celebrated the formation of JIT by Supreme Court of Pakistan. The narrative PML-N is spreading way before going to jail is of injustice happening to them because they refused to take dictation from establishment and they are fighting for democracy in country. Before to details of narrative being successful or failure a question rises in minds of many is that who stopped Nawaz Shareef to give money trail of London flats? Was it ‘Khalai Makhlooq’? Because looking at the case it seems like it was matter of one piece of paper. Nawaz Shareef has given multiple opportunities to prove he’s innocent but he failed to understand the seriousness of matter at every occasion. BBC reported in early 2017 before the disqualification of former Prime Minster, that Shareef family purchased these flats in 1990s, they also mentioned that the ownership of flats has never changed since its purchase.

The narrative was success when interim government tried their best to stop PML-N workers from rally and protesting, which is there democratic right. No mobile service and arrest of PML-N UC members was a bad idea, but what made this narrative an even bigger failure? Lack of audience on street, if you consider yourself to be next Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto then despite any hurdle there should be at least million people on ground, which was nothing but a dream also many journalists and Chairman PTI Imran Khan believes that Nawaz Shareef has been ditched by his brother Shahbaz Shareef and key party members. Nawaz Shareef continuous efforts to get sympathy of public even from jail is no hidden from eyes of public, after considerably failing to build his narrative and sympathy gaining tactics in masses what would be situation of former Prime Minister and his daughter if they lose general elections on 25th July? It would even be worst if Imran Khan succeed is making next government.

FAHAD QURESHI, Lahore, July 18.