Ramsha Malik

LAHORE - Renowned film and drama actor Ayub Khoso contested election on PPP ticket. He faced defeat in PS101 Karachi East. He has a good command over many languages like Balochi, Baruhi, Sindhi,Urdu and English. Khoso is not just a charismatic artiste but a good writer, he has written scripts. In conversation with The Nation he talks about his career and success in politics. Following are the excerpts.

What you think is the reason behind your defeat?

I think that my defeat is actually a failure of our election system. It is old and has many flaws. I feel that we should change it, which I guess should have been done long ago.I wish it would be done as soon as possible as it is need of time.  All democracies in the world have a proper system. The major issue is about the rejected votes. What sort of constituency you are living in, when 14,000 to 16,000 votes are rejected and moreover you find ballot papers in dust bins or in school desks.

Then how you can say that the elections were fair and free?

Just imagine the government servants who had been given a duty on security but you find them sending voters back to home after checking their ID cards for no reason. I was stopped from entering many polling stations. Our polling agents were ruled out while counting. So, it cannot be said that all was fair in the elections, but yes I pray that a major reform would take place and no vote who so ever it belongs to gets rejected. Once again I insist that it was not fair at all. It was 100 percent rigging, that’s why I do not accept the result. I think it was the defeat of a system not of a candidate.

What inspired you to join politics?

I joined politics after many years of social work. As a social activist I have been thinking to change many things which require power and position which comes through a seat on assembly. I always felt that our education and health sectors need reforms.

Why did you join PPP?

PPP I feel is the only party which believes in federation and which puts all its trust in democracy. I think PPP is one of the strongest parties which supports federation and is in favour of our better future.

Any plan to join any other political party?

No I don’t have any plans to join any other party.

What are you future plans regarding your political career?

Insha Allah I will stay in politics so that I can achieve all the goals I have set.

Any change you want to bring in Pakistani politics?

I think that there should be a law that nobody whoever backs out of his own words should be punished.