ISLAMABAD  -  The silent but serious efforts to carve out a forward bloc in the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz were in full swing although Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf had already managed to secure a number game both in the Centre and Punjab to form governments, sources aware of the developments taking place on this front informed.

Soon after nomination as candidate for Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Pervaiz Elahi has stepped up efforts to secure votes from other parties mainly Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz where he has deep-rooted links with the elected parliamentarians, the sources further informed.

Sources in PML-N, which had ruled the province for past two consecutive terms while remained in the power echelons on one way or the other for well over three decades, seemed perturbed over the activities of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid central leader Pervaiz Elahi who enjoyed goodwill among the PML-N parliamentarians particularly from Punjab.

Ch Pervaiz Elahi, who had served as chief minister as well as Speaker Punjab Assembly, in his recent interaction with the media hinted at formation of a forward bloc in Punjab as according to him the arrogant behaviour and indifference shown by Sharifs toward the elected representatives from the province was the main reason of disenchantment of MPs who were with PML-N out of compulsion with no alternative.

Justifying his canvassing to PML-N MPs Ch Pervaiz Elahi said that as he would be the custodian of Punjab Assembly and would be representing the whole house so asking for votes from MPs of other parties was his right.

He hoped that he would be getting much more votes than the PTI, PML-Q coalition has and hinted at a sizeable number of PML-N MPs voting for him in the Speaker’s elections.

Parliamentary sources confirmed to The Nation that like in Punjab for the elections of Speaker National Assembly the members from opposition parties’ alliance would vote for PTI backed candidate for the slot.

Though PTI is yet to announce its candidates for Speaker and Deputy Speaker National Assembly elections, who so ever would be fielded by the party would be getting more votes than the PTI and its coalition partners’ strength in the National Assembly, a source in the party informed.

Sources informed that besides Ch. Pervaiz Elahi some PTI MNA elects were also busy approaching the PML-N MNAs-elect seeking their votes for the PTI-backed candidates for Speaker and Deputy Speaker National Assembly.

Sources said that the most disturbing aspect for PML-N was the elections of Speaker and Deputy Speaker National Assembly through secret ballot as in this way they would not be having control over their MPs.

PTI and its allies have attained the requisite figure to form governments in Punjab and centre but as they have thin majority, so the party leadership was encouraging the formation of forward bloc in PML-N to have smooth sailing in both Punjab and centre.