KANDHKOT - Preparations to celebrate Independence Day are in full swing across Kashmore.

Sale of national flags, buntings, badges, stickers and other related items are sold like a hot cake throughout the district.

Patriotic citizens of entire district including Kashmore, Kandhkot, Tangwani, Guddu, Karampur, Ghouspur and its suburb are geared to celebrate the day with enthusiasm and zeal. It is observed that hundreds of temporary stalls, shops and markets have been set up throughout the district. Whereas a large number of push carts are selling buntings, stickers, badges, caps, face masks and other items in the various areas of Kandhkot and its adjoining areas. However children especially girls have prepared various colourful dresses and various institutes, colleges, schools will arrange special events such as drams, speeches, flower shows and National songs.

Youths decorated their vehicles, bikes and bicycles with national flags and stickers. According to district administration flag hoisting ceremony will be held at mini sport complex Kandhkot where police and Rangers will organise a joint prade ceremony followed by debate speeches, national songs and performance by various public and private sectors school and college students to commemorate the day with great zeal and zest.