LOS ANGELES (CM): Maisie Williams ‘’balled’’ her eyes out after shooting the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale.

The 21-year-old actress - who has portrayed Arya Stark in all eight seasons of the HBO drama - admitted she ‘’embarrassed’’ herself on the last day of filming because she decided to give a speech to the assembled cast and crew.

Discussing her last day on set, she told BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw: ‘’It’s emotional but exciting too because you’ve got loads of other bits going on. ‘’But yeah I cried a lot - get the Kleenex out - I balled and I tried to do a speech - it was so embarrassing. ‘’I got back to my trailer and I thought I can’t even remember what I just said, I probably just wittered on for half an hour. ‘’I was 12 when I went to my first audition. So it’s nearly a decade so I grew up with these people and it really is like cutting off an arm and saying goodbye.’’

Despite spending so long on the show, Maisie didn’t take home any souvenirs but is hoping to get her hands on her assassin alter ego’s costume.

She said: ‘’Katie Taylor, who dressed me on the show, took my little doublet jacket and she’s sending it to me in the post.

‘’But in terms of taking something I never really took anything apart from dirt in my hair and under my fingernails.’’

Though the fantasy saga has been a huge part of her life for several years, Maisie is looking forward to the future.

She said: ‘’It’s very exciting looking to the future with a play and I’m launching an app called Daisy - it’s an exciting time.’’

Despite filming on the final season - which won’t air until 2019 - being complete, Maisie refused to answer any of Nick’s questions about what’s in store for the final episodes, insisting she didn’t know.

She said: ‘’It’s because I don’t read the scripts, I just read the little prompt.’’