National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal said that NAB believes in transparency and supremacy of law.

While chairing a meeting at NAB headquarters, the NAB chairman said, “The earners of quick money should think that a man goes to his final destination empty handed.” He added that eradication of corruption is NAB’s top priority.

NAB chairman said that ‘Double Shah’ was made ‘Single Shah’ after NAB recovered the 4 billion, looted by ‘Double Shah’ which had been returned to the victims of his scheme. He said that Rs 1.2 from out of Rs1.9 billion looted by co-accused in ‘Double Shah’ case Tasawwar Gilani have been returned by NAB to the affectees.

He said that NAB has also returned Rs 36 crore to the victims of Elite Town Housing Scheme, Lahore. He said that NAB has deposited Rs 296 billion in the national exchequer. He said that earners of quick money should think that a man goes to his final destination empty handed.

NAB chairman has said that corruption is a cancer. NAB officers to double their efforts to come up to the expectations of the nation as eradication of corruption is our national duty.

He said that NAB has initiated complaint verifications, inquiries and investigations against all segments of society across the board on alleged allegations of corruption etc. The indiscriminate actions of NAB have increased the prestige of NAB manifold.

NAB during last nine months recovered Rs. 2200 million from corrupt and distributed affectees of Housing/Cooperative and government departments. He directed all DGs of NAB to arrest corrupt, proclaimed offenders, absconders and deposit the looted money in the national exchequer.