islamabad   -  Roots Flagship Millennium Campus I-9/3, Islamabad arranged summer internships and community services program for 1000 students at leading renowned organizations like FIA (Federal Investigation Agency), Pakistan Council of Scientific Industrial Research and Technology (PCSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology (MIST), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), PCRWR (Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources), PCRET (Pakistan Council of Reverse Engineering and Technology), Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) Security Experts, JSI Research and Training Institute (USAID Grantee), The Citizens Foundation, United States Education Foundation Pakistan (USFEP), National Institute of Oceanology, Mitsubishi Motors, FAW, South Asian Strategic Stability Institute, Shifa International Hospital, SOS Village , Linkages for Resilience and Development, Summit Bank, JS Bank, Board of Investments, Toyota Motors, National Institute of Electronics (Ministry of Science & Technology) and Habib Metropolitan Bank, said a press release.

For community services, Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), Little Sprouts, Dergi magazine, Pakistan Social Association for projects of educating the slums, bridging the gaps between old homes and orphanages, for transgender education, tree plantation drive, Inter faith harmony, go green environmental preservation, teaching special children with collaboration with Army Special Education Academy, Food Drive (Muft Dastarkhan) free lunch distribution to minimize poverty and arranging special event to encourage and motivate talented special segment of our society. Chief Executive Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq (TI) praised the hard work and dedication of the entire staff and students under the leadership of Principal Muneeze Muzaffar.

He said “Millennials, this year has simply exceeded my expectations, the hard work of the staff and students has truly paid off in the shape of all these achievements.”  Faisal Mushtaq (TI) has always promoted the importance of portfolio development involving all Millennials in a variety of community service programs and corporate internships for the best university placements across the globe.

The Principal Muneeze Muzaffar lauded the efforts of the faculty Farhan Naeem, Walid bin Noman, Maimoona Hasnain, Feroze Nadeem, Shazia Afridi and Sheba Jahangir who engaged all students in this world class experience and congratulated the students and faculty on their brilliant achievements.

She added about the importance of academic excellence and claimed that there is no compromise on quality education and learning and by engaging students in such experiences, we are able to enrich their academic journey for developing leadership skills and for inculcating spirit of globalization, professionalism by linking academia with corporate industry.