MIRPUR (AJK) - The Jammu and Kashmir Peoples National Party (JKPNP) Thursday rejected India’s unilateral move to revoke special status of the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir state by repealing Article 370 and 35-A of its constitution.

Addressing a crowded news conference at Kashmir Press Club here, central Chairman of the JKPNP Raja Zulfiqar Ahmed Advocate said that it was a suicidal act as India had invited her own death through this despotic act.

The J&K PNP chairman was flanked by his central party comrades including Ghalib Bostan Advocate, Aslam Watnoof and a large number of party workers.

Raja Zulfiqar Ahmed suggested to the Government of Pakistan to let the people of AJK and Gilgit Baltistan engaged in extending moral, political and diplomatic support to Kashmiris’ struggle for freedom to further boost up the movement at international forums. He said that Jammu and Kashmir was an internationally recognised disputed territory and no unilateral step by the Government of India could change its status as enshrined in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. “We reaffirm our full commitment to the Kashmir cause with full support to the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in these hours of trial besides collective struggle for the realisation of their inalienable right to self-determination,” he added.

Seeking immediate action by UNO against India for openly violating UN resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir issue, Zulfiqar Raja said: “Abolishing special status of Jammu and Kashmir is against UNSC resolutions and international law and norms.” Quoting media reports, he said that the current Indian government intended to change demography of the valley, adding that it wanted to turn Muslim majority of the valley into a minority.

“We call upon the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to hold an urgent session to pressurise the Indian government to cancel the repeal of Article 370 of the constitution and abide by the UNSC resolutions of 1948 and supplementary resolution of 1949 on the subject,” the PNP chairman said.

He further urged upon Indian government to immediately reverse its shameful act restoring the special status of the disputed state besides withdrawing lockdown and abide by her commitment at UNO of holding a free and fair public referendum in line with the UNSC resolution of the 1948 and extended resolutions of the 5thJanuary, 1949.

He also urged upon Pakistan to exercise all possible options to counter the illegal steps and sensitize the international community through active and aggressive diplomacy. 

“Revoking article 370 and 35A is illegal as the right of revoking the article does not rest with Indian President and  the Indian parliament”, he underlined added  the abrogation of the special  status of the Jammu and Kashmir was totally illegal, unethical and open denial of international norms and commitments enshrined in the UN resolutions on Kashmir problem”, he added.


Expressing grave concern over the fast-worsening situation of the entire curfew-clamped Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir state, Raja under lined entire occupied territory  was lying dis-linked from rest of the world by the Indian occupying forces since Sunday -  after entire internet service and other sources of communications have been switched off and disbanded to curb the public wrath in entire occupied territory against the Indian nefarious action of abolishing special status of the state.


He emphasized upon the world community to take immediate notice of the cognizance of the situation in the occupied state as India was blatantly violating the international laws by subjecting the Jammu & Kashmiri people to frequent serious human rights abuses and genocide. Ends