ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), in a bid to control the profileration of illegal Indian DTH/C-Line material in the country,  destroyed thousands of Indian DTH decoders, C-Line receivers, dish TV antennas and illegal FM radio transmitters at a ceremony in Peshawar on Thursday.  PEMRA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) staff had seized the equipment during a crackdown against cable TV operators and illegal FM radios. 

Muhammad Farooq Director General (Operations-Distributions) along with Amjad Ali Afridi, Regional General Manager (North Zone) and Rahat Ali, Regional General Manager (South Zone) and staff of PEMRA (KP) were present on the occasion, said a press release issued here.

PEMRA (KP) conducted joint raids with FIA and Custom Intelligence recently, and confiscated about 3,000 illegal DTH decoders, C-line receivers and KU-band LNBs from different markets of the province.

PEMRA Director General (Operations-Distributions) Muhammad Farooq briefed the media that crackdown against cable TV operators using illegal Indian DTH/C-Line receivers was an ongoing activity. “Availability of illegal Indian DTH is a potential threat for Pakistani DTH licensees and is also detrimental to social and cultural fabric of the country,” he said, and warned cable TV operators of strict action as per PEMRA laws if they were again found relaying Indian channel or Indian content.