LAHORE - Muharram is about to descend with all its sanctity, historical Imambargah in Haveli Mian Khan located at Rang Mehal, in Walled City, being used as place of worship over the last 300 years, is no more alive to serve the mourners as land grabbers razed to the ground this religious building and started constructing illegal commercial plaza over there in sheer violation of ban imposed by Punjab government to demolish or alter the status of any historical building in walled-city. Imambargah in Haveli Mian Khan, featuring Mughal architecture, was one of the unique buildings of more than 320 Imambargah in the City. Moreover, the illegal construction is still in full swing despite courts orders to keep intact the original status and nature of Imambargah, prohibiting everyone from bringing any changes in its structures through its orders issued on November 2, 2009. Meanwhile, TMO Ravi Town Ahmed Kamal has ordered to stop the unlawful activity forthwith. However, land-luster including Hammad Mushtaq and Ammad Mushtaq trashed the orders and continued illegal construction with impunity. The blatant offence has deprived the country its most religious and historical heritage with divesting mourners of conducting their formal rituals after the Imambargah lost its existence at the hands of officials of Ravi Town administration, police personnel and land grabbers. The Auqaf department, CDGL and Punjab government are also yet to wake up from its slumber to take cognisance of the turbulent situation, which may aggravate law and order situation in the province. Sources in Ravi Town revealed that Town officials including Town Officer Anser Imam Bukhari had a close nexus with land grabbers. From demolition stage to ongoing construction, Town officials had been facilitating the squatters. They also threw the directives of TMO to dustbin and had been using dilly-dally tactics helping offenders to complete the construction. When contacted Walled City Project Director Oriya Maqbool Jan told The Nation on Tuesday that Punjab government had imposed a complete ban on demolition of even a single brick of the historical and old religious buildings in the area of walled city. He blamed CDGL and Town administration of flouting the ban orders. He said to check evil doing, draft of legislation had been made and got approved from law ministry to take all powers from CDGL and Town administration to allow the approval of map and building construction and commercial activity. He said Punjab government would approve the legislation soon. Meanwhile, when legal custodian of Imambargah in Haveli Mian Khan came to know the demolition process was going on with full throttle, they staged strong protest against the squatters. Police high ups rushed to the spot to normalise the situation. But the Hammad Mushtaq and Ammad Mushtaq who are lawyers by profession hushed up the issue in connivance with the police officials. Complainants submitted various applications in Police station concerned to get their grievances redressed but it proved a futile exercise. Beleaguered custodians of Imambargah moved to court who stayed the illegal construction work. However, law violators turning a deaf ear to the directives of court as they not only demolished the Imambargah but also launched the construction work to build an illegal commercial plaza there. To save the Imambargah against further desecration, legatees recently filed written applications in Ravi Town. TMO Ahmed Kamal made prompt orders to stop the construction but orders remained unexecuted so far. DO (Enforcement) Sajid Khan said he ordered enforcement inspector concerned to visit the site and halt the ongoing construction activity. If the violation is committed, we will take action, he added. Town Officer Anser Imam Bukhari said that notice had been served to the people who were continuing construction to stop work with immediate effect. He assured that if people did not put the construction operation to standstill, law would take its course. One of the custodians of Imambargah Syed Zafar Askari Shamsi said that complainants also filed a written application to Home Secretary to play his effective role but he was still unmoved. He said they had also forwarded an application to DCO Lahore Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta in this regard. We have also requested to CJ Lahore and CJP to take suo moto notice of ongoing illegal construction and issue orders to restore the Imambargah to its original look.