Dr A. P. Sangdil of Norway stirs up waters that are already turbulent by casting pebbles from afar (26 Nov). He jibed at respected names of the polity, Waseem Sajjad, Sharifuddin Pirzada, Malik Qayum, and Babar Awan, who allegedly filched hundreds of millions each from Bank of Punjab robber, Sheikh Afzal. I disagree with Mr. Sangdil. Robbing the robber, in my view, is no crime. Hence, Sheikh Afzal is to blame and none other. Had he not defrauded the bank, these luminaries would not be drawn into this embarrassing tangle. Neither Mr. Sangdil would have had a chance of pun to have fun at their expense. -MAJ(R) ZAHID SALAM, Rawalpindi, December 5.