The news item that president Asif Ali Zardari visited CMH, Rawalpindi, to inquire after the health of victims of the bomb attack on the Parade Lane mosque has come as a pleasant surprise. To see the president out of his presidential hideout is, indeed, heartening. I think it is for the first time that he has come to a semi public place ever since he took the oath to serve the people of Pakistan honestly and according to the best of his abilities. It seems that he has broken all shackles of fear and cowardice. Since he has done so I am sure he will soon visit the various hospitals of Lahore as well where hundreds of injured people are under treatment following the bomb blast in Moon Market of Allama Iqbal Town. This will also prove that he does not believe in pleasing army alone but cares for the street urchins of his empire as well. Since he will be in Lahore it would be even better if he addresses his beloved subjects at Mochi Gate in person rather than speaking through telephone. People love him and would like to see him present between them. It will be appropriate to the current situation that the president should sit in the window of his palace everyday for a couple of hours so that people can see him. Mughal emperors used to observe that practice and that made them very popular among the subjects. Let history repeat itself. - NOORJAHAN ALAMGIR, Kharian