RAWALPINDI (APP) - The prices of chicken and eggs have further been increased by poultry dealers in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad with the advent of chilly weather. According to a survey conducted by APP here, the chicken and eggs are being sold at Rs.120 per kilogram and Rs.85 per dozen respectively in the different markets. Salman who runs a chicken meat shop, informed that he was getting chicken from wholesale market on exorbitant rates hence he was compelled to sell them on higher rates. Farhat Iqbal, a government employee informed that rates of eggs shoot up in winter when its demand increases manifold. He said prior to winter season, eggs were available at Rs.60 per dozen in the market but their prices are continuously going up for the last two months. He opined that eggs are an absolute must in breakfast these days but he was forced to purchase them on high prices. When contacted, President Poultry Association, Dr. Zahid told APP here on Tuesday that costly feed, rise in petroleum and electricity prices were the main reasons behind increase in the prices of poultry products. He said that the cost of feed being used at poultry farms is also high which is affecting the prices. Dr. Zahid clarified that in view of increasing demand, the prices of eggs shoot up in winter season, adding, the eggs prices will continue to rise even in the coming month. However, the customers expressed great concern over the trend of increase in prices of chicken and eggs. They said that there was no mechanism to control the prices of these commodities. Mrs. Ejaz, a housewife, said that the city administration should chalk out a mechanism to control prices of kitchen items especially chicken and eggs which are necessary for maintaining good health.