LAHORE - The two consecutive suicidal blasts at Moon Market Allama Iqbal Town on Monday night spread terror across the City, as the Lahorites stayed at home and there was no business in most parts of the provincial metropolis on Tuesday. The entire Moon Market remained closed on Tuesday though the frightened traders and relatives of victims visited the blast sites in a great number. Moon Market, Citys leading shopping place, was presenting deserted look, as there was fear everywhere. People were looking at the debris of the broken buildings like strangers while the traders were weeping over the loss of innocent lives and of their businesses as well. There was fear in the atmosphere and tears in the eyes of the visitors. The shopping mall, otherwise well-decorated buildings with beautiful colours and lights, was partially collapsed and burnt. The hundreds of shopkeepers and the residents of the area also gathered next day on the place of explosion and keep watching the place of explosion with wet eyes in the memories of their beloved deceased. The police investigation teams were also present on the spot and were busy in collecting the evidences of the explosions and meanwhile they closed all the nearby roads by setting up barriers, which also troubled the commuters and the residents of the locality as well. The Moon Market traders committee also announced shutter down strike against the blasts while condemning such brutal act, which not only claimed the lives of the shopkeepers and traders but also claimed lives of innocent children and women besides the youngsters. The traders and people of the locality present there also raised slogans against the terrorists for their brutal activities. They also chanted slogans against police and the governments on poor security arrangements at public areas. The protestors said that police and other security agencies are focusing their own security instead of providing foolproof security to the public. They also criticised the rulers who failed to take sound step for the security of the people and maintaining law and order situation in the country. On the other hand, the families and relatives of the deceased were mourning on the deaths of their beloveds and some emotional scenes were witnessed on the occasion of burial ceremonies of the deceased particularly when their coffins were taken towards the graveyards from their homes and their family members, relative women, men, children and friends were crying loudly.