LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has blamed India for the ongoing terror acts in Pakistan, adding that New Delhi is actively working to destabilise Pakistan. He warned India that Pakistani nation is united in the war against terror and is capable of countering this challenge. He was talking to newsmen following inquiring after the well-being of the injured persons of Moon Market blasts at various hospitals here on Tuesday. The Chief Minister said that sacrifices made by the Army, police and the people will not go in vain and Pakistan will definitely win the war against terrorism. During his visit to Sheikh Zayed Hospital and Jinnah Hospital, he went to each injured person and inquired after their well-being. The Army is rewriting history of courage and bravery for the survival of the country and the efforts by the Armed Forces for the elimination of terrorism are unprecedented in the history of the country, he said. He said that he is not levelling mere allegations but there is solid evidence that India is involved in Balochistan incidents as well as terrorism in Waziristan and other places. He said that anyone who thinks that it could live in peace by destabilising and weakening Pakistan is mistaken. He said that the whole nation is paying a heavy price for the compromises made by the former President. Pervez Musharraf to please his foreign masters for petty gains. He said that nobody can condone the tragic incidents of terrorism and the loss of innocent lives. Courage and equanimity of the injured persons has strengthened his belief that nobody can defeat Pakistani nation, he added. He said that all out resources would be utilised for the elimination of terrorism and the day is not far off when peace will be restored in the country. The Chief Minister said that the losses in the fire due to incidents of terrorism will be compensated and a committee will be constituted for this purpose.