Interior Minister A. Rehman Malik Wednesday said India is involved in terror incidents in Pakistan and the evidences of Indian involvement in destabilising Pakistan have been handed over to the foreign office in Islamabad. 'Pakistan has solid evidence about Indias involvement in fomenting unrest in Pakistan and the evidences have been provided to foreign office to take it up with New Delhi, Interior Minister Rehman Malik told media here at Parliament House. He added that confiscation of Indian made arms from Khyber Agency was one of the evidences of Indian involvement in Pakistan. Referring to the missing persons, he said that the provincial government of Balochistan has given a list of names of 600 missing persons, adding that concern authorities have been directed to collect their details so that they could be traced out. Malik said that a notification has been issued for withdrawal of Army from Kohlu and the area would be handed over to FC.