WHAT makes Taylor Swift feel all jingle-belly inside? Couples in love, warm sweaters - and her eight Grammy nominations. This is my favourite time of year. Hands down, Swift, 19, writes on her MySpace blog. The country singer - whos been coy about rumours of her own romantic life lately - says that holiday decorations have always made the main street of her hometown of Nashville seem perfect and welcoming. But what sticks with her most are the couples going out to dinner. I love everything about this time of year, but mostly the way that people find ways to be with the ones they love, she writes. And I love sweaters. Everyone is wearing sweaters right now. Soon enough, shell be able to ogle the tinsel in New York City, where shell be playing the Z100 Jingle Ball on Friday. As for how shell spend her time, expect her to be Just wandering around looking up at the sparkly store displays and stuff, she writes. People With a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, Swift already feels like shes been given the best gift of all: eight Grammy nominations. Writing about calling her producer when the Grammy news broke, she says: I remember calling him and hearing the screaming voices of the drummer and the bass player and the mixers and publishers who helped put this album together. He put me on speakerphone, and we all screamed together. I couldnt stop saying 'I love you to them, just like I cant stop saying 'I love you to you. She adds: At the end of the phone call, I said to them 'Please, never forget tonight. This night is a gift we never thought wed get. And then, of course, 'I love you so much People