THE current month has suddenly witnessed an upsurge in terrorist attacks in the country. In less than 10 days, about 130 persons have been killed and nearly 400 others wounded. The militants have been indiscriminate as well as selective in their target; indiscriminate because they completely disregarded the sanctity of mosque, opened fire at a crowded market place, killing innocent women, children and passers-by or exploded bombs in a residential area; and selective because they looked for occasions and sites where they could inflict harm to the security establishment. At least six high-ranking military officials, including a major-general and a brigadier, and a fairly large number of their family members lost their lives. Last Friday, the terrorists created havoc in a Rawalpindi mosque during the mid-day weekly prayers. On Monday night, three provincial capitals - Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta - were hit, and Tuesday morning saw the terrorists detonating a 1,000kg explosive near an army building at Multan. In all cases, there have been large casualties, and the arms they used were of sophisticated Indian or US origin. Medical experts fear that a sizeable number of those who are nursing serious injuries might ultimately find themselves incapacitated for life. The above scenario has accentuated an all-round security concern that should prompt the authorities to do some serious thinking about the nature of militants' intentions as well as the identity of masterminds of these attacks. In fact, there are certain definite clues for them to proceed towards checking the hidden hand inciting the militants. The main purpose of these killing sprees clearly is to create insecurity and confusion in the country and try to make the security forces, presently engaged in rooting the terrorists out from their Waziristan stronghold, appear helpless. The perpetrators, who in the real sense are victims as they lose their lives, might be Muslims, but the minds that indoctrinate them with the belief that by committing suicide to kill others, even innocents, they would go straight to heaven are certainly not. The seven attacks on mosques during 2009 have resulted in the deaths of 366 worshippers. Minister Rehman Malik has repeatedly maintained that the government has evidence of Indian involvement in the attempt to destabilise the country through the supply of weapons and the provision of funds. However, making public statements would not deter the Indians from doing mischief; the matter must be forcefully taken up with New Delhi and help of the international community sought. There is substantial circumstantial evidence to suggest that US spy agencies are either colluding with their Indian counterparts or engineering trouble through their hired agents. The government would have to sort out this tangle if peace has to return to this troubled land.