ISLAMABAD - At a time when the world is pondering over the issue of climate change in the backdrop of the Copenhagen Summit, hundreds of dried up trees along the 7th Avenue are mourning over the apathy of the concerned civic and environmental bodies including the non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The news itself is shocking, but what is more appalling is that the officials of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) were all unaware of the catastrophe when contacted by this correspondent. Oh...I havent seen that Kindly tell me the exact location so that I may look into the matter, responded Asif Shuja, Director General Pak-EPA, who normally used to be very caring about the citys environment. Director General (Environment) CDA Dr. Suleman Sheikh, too, responded in a similar fashion, saying all he knew was that big trees in sectors of the F and G series were under serious termite attack mainly due to climate change and the resultant drought. Due to the ongoing drought, termite has attacked the green trees for water and food, making them dead and dry, Sheikh said. This correspondent also contacted the Islamabad offices of various NGOs working on environmental preservation including the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) but could obtain no expert opinion or data on the sufferings of trees in the Federal Capital. The IUCN Islamabad office simply responded saying they do not work on this issue. Dr. Sheikh said the unfortunate trees, which he had not yet seen, were victims of the ongoing drought, but the phenomena could be seen even at the banks of natural streams in the city, especially along the stream flowing near the National Press Club, Islamabad, suggesting that the issue with the said trees did not simply pertain to the global warming and droughts. Dr Sheikh further said CDA had constituted a dedicated cell to look after the trees affected with the termite attack, adding they were successful to rehabilitate a number of the affected trees. However, the problem with the dead trees along the 7th Avenue didnt seem to be that of termite attack, as the termite attack could be seen at certain parts of a tree while trunks of the said trees had dried up in total. The situation is so grave that the green belt on western side of the 7th Avenue between sectors F-6 and F-7 has virtually become a graveyard of trees while numerous other trees are ready to become a dead symbol of the past greenery.