ISLAMABAD The US Embassy has denied that it has asked that any section of the Kashmir Highway be blocked in support of the construction project underway at the U.S. Embassy. A spokesman of the Embassy, while commenting on TheNation report carried on December 7 with caption 'US Embassy Again causes Chaos for Locals admitted that there were some small-scale construction projects going on but major construction projects have yet to begin at the Embassy. The spokesman also clarified that the U.S. Embassy never asked that a planned hotel construction project be moved or suspended. He denied that there was any plan to build an airfield on the embassy compound or anywhere in Pakistan, adding the US private security firm Dyncorp was in no way associated with the shipment or security of construction material sent to the U.S. Embassy. However, contrary to these denials it was learnt from credible sources in the government that the said portion of Kashmir Highway has been closed for all types of vehicular traffic ahead of construction projects of the US Embassy on the request of the Embassy. It was further learnt that construction on the seven star hotel project located close to the US Embassy has also been stopped on the same grounds. As one official commented: why else would this road has been shut when no repair work is going on, and a traffic issue has been created as a result of this unnecessary closure.