islamabad - Coalition for the Rights of Minorities Pakistan (CRMP) has urged the government to tackle the growing intolerance in the country on emergency basis to improve the human rights situation.

CRMP National Coordinator Sameena Imtiaz said human rights violations had seen a surge during the tenure of the incumbent government while religious freedom had been curtailed. She said the federal and the provincial governments had failed to put effective mechanism in place for the protection and promotion of minorities.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the national coordinator for Coalition for the Rights of Minorities Pakistan pointed to the widespread targeted violence against religious and ethnic minorities including targeted killings of Sikh community members in KP, Shia Hazaras in Quetta, Hindu community in Sindh and Christians in Punjab.

The Coalition for the Rights of Minorities Pakistan coordinator highlighted that the situation of human rights in the country was worse than the previous year, stressing that the situation could further deteriorate unless urgent and concrete steps were undertaken by the government.

In particular, she highlighted the delay in the setting up of National Commission for Human Rights and the task force for protection of minorities.

This, she said, is an indicator of the approach of the federal and provincial governments towards human rights situation in the country.

The Coalition for the Rights of Minorities Pakistan also called upon the political parties, lawyers, civil society organizations to play a more focused role as no sector had seen any improvement over the last year.