SRINAGAR - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday took his political campaign to the troubled northern state of Jammu and Kashmir, promising jobs and water supplies to win support.

The BJP’s “Mission Kashmir” has already raised tension, with political rivals and separatists accusing the party of fomenting divisions in the region, which includes Hindu-dominated Jammu and Buddhist Ladakh.

Militants have also stepped up violence coinciding with the election, killing 11 soldiers and policemen in an attack on an Indian army camp on Friday, the worst losses for security forces in six years, and inflaming sentiment across India.

Strong voter turnout in early poll rounds showed people had rejected violence and seek development, Modi told a huge campaign rally in Jammu.

“The power that you have is greater than those holding the AK-47 (assault rifle),” he said. “He can only kill, while you can change the fortunes of a country with your vote.”

Tens of thousands of people applauded Modi as he promised greater development if his party won. “People want jobs for the youth, water for the farms, medicines for the elders,” he said. “Even those who have strayed and taken up the gun are feeling burdened by it.”