LAHORE/iSLAMABAD - The Pakistan People’s Party, PML-Q, Jamaat-e-Islami, MQM, Awami Muslim League (AML) and other political parties have strongly condemned killing of the PTI activist in Faisalabad with PAT and MWM declaring that they will participate in the Tehreek-i-Insaf’s protests scheduled for Tuesday (today).

The Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and the Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) leaders announced on Monday that they would fully participate in PTI’s protests.

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has announced a country-wide mourning day to protest the killing of its supporter during a clash with PML-N supporters and police in Faisalabad.

The political parties had asked the government and the PTI to hold dialogue as the country could not bear the violence at this moment. They prayed for the deceased soul and extended their sympathies toward the family of the deceased.

“We strongly condemn the incident and will fully participate in Tuesday’s protest of PTI across the country,” said Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, the secretary general of the PAT while addressing a press conference at party head-office in Model Town along with MWM leader Nasir Sherazi and others.

He blamed PML-N and police for killing the PTI activist in Faisalabad and warned the movement against the government could go stronger if Sharifs and their advisers continued with the same violence-spreading agenda.

To a question, he replied there were no differences between PTI and PAT but they were on the same pitch against the government. The little difference on the patron of protests against the government would resolve soon and people would see a united opposition against the PML-N in few coming days, he added. Had Rana Sanaullah been arrested after the Model Town incident, Faisalabad incident would not have happened, he argued.

Reiterating his stance on JIT formed to probe Model Town incident, he said the PAT would never accept it.

Nasir Sherazi also announced that MWM would participate in PTI’s protests and said his party, PTI and PAT would soon form a joint alliance against the PML-N. He asked what the PML-N workers were doing there in Faisalabad when PTI was protesting peacefully over there, he added.

Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President Senator Ch Shujaat Hussain and senior central leader Ch Parvaiz Elahi said had the killers of Model Town tragedy been punished, more blood of the innocent would not have shed in Faisalabad on Monday.

In a joint statement issued here this evening, they strongly condemned violence and firing on PTI protesters and said the govt should not have repeated Model Town Lahore tragedy, no words were strong enough to condemn violence and bloodshed in Faisalabad, attack of the ruling party on those demonstrating for redressal of their grievances. They said N-League leaders themselves had protested by launching Tehrik-e-Nijat during the tenure of the People’s Party but the Peoples Party had not resorted to attacks on them, the rulers had got panicked due to slogans of Go Nawaz Go. They said rulers could not prolong their rule by resorting to such tactics and shedding blood of the innocent would not go in vain.

Those clamouring democracy day and night and teaching others of lesson of democracy were not even ready to give the right of peaceful protest to their opponents, they said adding, the rulers were talking about democracy after firing bullets on the innocent, there could not be bigger joke with the country, the nation and democracy than this.

The PML leaders further said that first principle of democracy was tolerance but the N-League leadership totally lacked this spirit, they regarded oppression, gulusim and use of force as solution of all problems which they always and on every occasion displayed against their political rivals but problems were mot solved in this manner. They concluded by questioning as to what sort of govt this was which itself done all that and put the blame on others.

Pakistan People's Party (PPP), criticising the violence in Faisalabad, called for restraint by both sides (PML-N and PTI).

Spokesperson Farhatullah Babar said the provincial government was wrong in allowing workers of PML-N to come out on the streets and confront workers of PTI with sticks and batons when sentiments were running high. "It was a sure invitation to a clash between the rival political workers," he said, adding also "this provocation could and must have been avoided".

"The fact that the provocation was not avoided only demonstrates the arrogance and political immaturity of those responsible for the decision to bring PML-N workers on the roads," he said.

The spokesperson to former President Asif Zardari demanded an inquiry into the incident and punishment under the law to those responsible for the clash and unfortunate murder of a youth. He said some people might be looking for a few dead bodies but it was for the government to ensure that the much sought dead bodies are denied to them.