LAHORE - Sustaining objection over a petition seeking contempt of court proceedings against present and former Prime Ministers, present and ex-Chief Ministers of all the four provinces for not constructing Kalabagh Dam in light of LHC judgment, the Lahore High Court on Monday dismissed the petition.

Muhammad Saleem, a local citizen, had filed the petition stating that the rulers did not bother to consider the importance of the Lahore High Court’s judgment wherein they were ordered to construct Kalabagh Dam for larger national interest.

The petitioner said that Chairman of Council of Common Interest was also responsible as he also did not give importance to the court’s previous judgment.

The loadshedding continued day and night even in the winter season, he said.

The petitioner stated the economy was crippling and labourers who were working at factories were forced to leave their jobs due to continuous gas and electricity loadshedding.

However, the Registrar Office had objected to the petition observing that no petition can be filed against Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and Chairman of Council of Common Interest in private capacity of any citizen.

On Monday, Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah of the LHC sustained objection of the Registrar Office on the petition and dismissed the petition.