LAHORE - The PML-N government is making the situation even complicated. From the initial election issues to internal differences of the party men and the current political tension, a series of errors have been made by the government. As a consequence of which, the situation seems to be getting hostile for the ruling party itself.

Background comments by intellectuals and opinion expressed by the political observers reveal that the government is coming under pressure with the passage of time due to lack of coordination among the ministers and the steps taken to deal with the PTI protest (and before that PAT’s) which all give the feeling that a centralised command system in the party to control the situation is missing.

One minister talks of peaceful and political means to settle down the matter with PTI while the other at the same time challenges this protesting party to deal with it on the street and roads. It appears a free fall for all ministers. Resultantly, the situation has picked up enormous strain and tension.

The killing of PTI worker in Faisalabad has given a new turn to the overall situation which is showing a dreadful scene hitting the national politics in the days to come when the PTI is due to hold protest in Lahore, Karachi and other parts of the country.

The worst was seen on Monday when PTI and the PML-N workers clashed at various places in Faisalabad giving an abrupt change to the political scenario which existed just two days ago when the PTI seemed exhausted after long protest and was prone to talks.

It runs against the principles of a ruling party to pit the workers against those of the Opposition instead of moving the law-enforcers.

The Faisalabad not only revitalised its spirit but also engulfed the whole country, in particular Punjab where protest by the PTI workers at various scales were held.

The horrendous clashes have been condemned by almost every political party terming it mishandling of the government while the foreign media projected the issue as serious one. The PTI might not have succeeded in achieving the target of complete shutter down and wheel jam in district Faisalabad but PML-N workers and the local leadership of the party has invested it with such a political gain for use in the protest spree, which can be counted much more than what this party had conceived.

Initially the PTI demands for auditing just four constituencies was totally ignored and sidelined which led to the long march which entailed a long sit-in at the Federal Capital and demand to audit of the whole elections and resignation of the Prime Minister.

At a later stage the issue was sought to be resolved through negotiations between PTI and the government but deadlock struck on the point of PM’s resignation on which the government put its foot down.

Later, the PTI gave up the resignation demand and wanted probe into the election rigging through the Judicial Commission for which the government had already written to the Supreme Court. But no Commission was constituted.

In order to break the impasse, the PTI signalled resumption of talks to the government but did not find immediate response.

The PTI Chief Imran Khan on November 30th before a big rally in Islamabad announced to shut down cities on different dates and the whole country on December 18th to press the demand. It awoke the government to the need of talk on Commission probe but finding the PTI in a dead-end it took time for a precise reply taking the plea of PM foreign visit. It also laid the pre-condition to the PTI to renounce the protest sit-in before sitting across the table.

Clash-laden protest of Faisalabad and due programme of Imran Khan has given added emphasis to the value of election probe.

The last day proved ill-fated for the PML-N also on account of Election Tribunal decision in support of Imran Khan. The Tribunal has constituted a Local Commission which would carry out vote recount of NA-122, Lahore where Imran Khan had lost the election to Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, the incumbent Speaker of the National Assembly.

Acceptance of  Imran Khan ‘s plea is indeed a big victory of the long standing demand of the PTI as NA-122 is one of the four constituencies on which

this party had sought recount of the ballots as it believed results therein were manipulated and polls rigged.

But the government showed reluctance one way or the other. The counsel for Sarder Ayaz has announced to challenge the decision before the Appellate Forum. And if the Tribunal decision is executed and election irregularity or rigging is found out, it can make election results in other constituencies suspicious and a long series of probe will be underway. The ruling party can also be in a tight corner if the Judicial Commission, is set up, will find out the election faulty on which including PPP, JI and some others parties also subscribe to the PTI stand.

Internally, the PML-N is up against the dissidents like Senator Zulfiqar Ali Khosa from Punjab Ghous Ali Shah and Liaquat Ali Jatoi from Sindh and Dr Arbab Arbab Ghulam Rahim, the party ally from PML-F. At the head of PML-F head Pir Pagaro Sharif they are all out against both PML-N and the PPP whom they blamed for acting in league to enjoy power in turn while discarding all those who are misfit in their vested interests.

At a time when the PML-N government is facing internal and external challenges, Election Tribunal provided new vigor to Ghous Ali Shah and Liaquat Jatoi by installing them respectively in National Assembly and the Provincial Assembly of Sindh declaring them winners in vote-recount. Both the former CMs right now have serious grievances against the N-League at party and government level.

Particularly Shah sahib has promised to become lethal on the floor of the House after he has come all out against the party leadership.

Senator Khosa is reportedly leading a group of dissidents of the PML-N legislators and the workers and wants to clear the party of the Sharifs factor whom he openly blames for following dynastic politics and practicing corruption and promoting ill-governance.

The said senior leaders also with the support of former Speaker NA Elahi Buksh Soomro, former caretaker PM Mir Balakh Sher Mazari and the likes are reaching out of other Muslim League factions to bring them under one umbrella against the government. They have accessed PML-Q, PML-J, PML-Z, Awami Muslim League and APML are fast closing their ranks.

Summing up the matters, observers conclude that odds are adding up against the government which needs to take prompt action and its Ministers need to act more wisely and seriously to defuse tension so that the country remains peaceful.