ISLAMABAD - PPP Monday asked the ruling PML-N in the National Assembly session to reinitiate dialogue with PTI to politically resolve the issue so that political stability could return to the country.

“PM Nawaz Sharif will have to take lead for initiating dialogue with PTI to resolve the issue, as it is always responsibility of government to ask opposition to sit across the table for the solution of any problem,” said opposition leader Khursheed Shah with particular reference to the fresh wave of riots in the country.

Shah also held both PTI and PML-N to come to dialogue as both will be responsible if any damage is done to the country because of their standoff.

The clash between the workers of PTI and PML-N is a dangerous sign, he said. Shah also came down hard on PTI chief Imran Khan saying that he should not think to come in to power without taking part in elections.

“Election is a way to enter in the parliament,” he said, slightly criticizing the politics of sit-in.

“Those who are raising voice for change should also differentiate between government and state,” he maintained, offering his party’s services to broker the talks.

“The country is facing numerous problems and we are locking horns on different matters,” he said, pointing out the war of words between PTI and PML-N.

Rajab Ali Baloch from PML-N accused PTI workers of forcibly entering the schools and colleges. “They closed down schools and colleges forcibly,” he said adding that investigation would prove who was behind the Faisalabad killing and riots.

Earlier, speaking on the floor of National Assembly which took up the debate on IDPs under a motion of government, both treasury and opposition benches emphasized to resolve the IDPS’ issue as soon as possible.

Taking part in debate, Gul Afridi asked the government to form a parliamentary committee involving different stakeholders including people of FATA. “This committee would visit the areas and also ascertain the wishes of people about their future plan,” he said, proposing a joint force of Pakistan and Afghanistan for the border between the two countries.

“This would help keeping eye on nefarious designs,” he added.

PPP lawmaker Azra Afzal, on her turn, said that there should be proper registration of IDPs.

Taking part in debate, Federal Minister Abbas Afridi was of the view that the parliament should adopt an amendment to empower itself for legislation on FATA. He further said that referendum should be held in the area to ascertain whether FATA people want their own province or want to be part of KP.

QWP chief Aftab Sherpao, on his turn, termed the issue of IDPs most important in the country which needs to be resolved on priority basis.  He criticized the PTI chief for not raising voice of IDPs during his sit-ins and rallies.

Another MNA G.G. Jamal warned that if the problems of IDPs were not resolved they might turn into Permanent Displaced Persons (PDP).