Punjab government could utilise only 11 per cent of the total Annual Development Programme (ADP) from 1st July to the end of October, it has been learnt.

However, the ADP utilisation remained 42 per cent on the total releases of funds during the same period.  The same was confirmed by the Chairman Planning and Development Board Irfan Elahi.

The sector wise releases and utilisation report shows that some departments like health, energy, urban development, social protection, sports, water supply, forests, wild life and fisheries, Auqaf, labour, industries, tourism etc showed poor performance in spending ADP while school education, literacy, higher education and special education department showed good progress.

As per the data, during the given span of time, out of total ADP Rs 345b allocated for the fiscal year 2014-15, only Rs 41.17b could be spent on the development while a total sum of Rs 88.6b were released based on MPRs during the given time to different departments and sectors.

As per department and sector wise details, out of Rs Rs 35.3b allocated for education department Rs 12.35b were released while Rs 10.02b could be utilised that was 81 pc of the total releases. In School Education department out of total ADP Rs18.6b, Rs 8.72 was released and Rs 8.23b were spent that was 94pc of the total released funds. Higher Education total ADP Rs 11.55b, total releases Rs 2.03b and utilisation Rs 831m, Special Education out of total ADP Rs 800m, Rs 167m released and 100pc was utilised, Literacy department out of total ADP Rs2.4b, Rs 911m were released while Rs 649m were utilised that was 71pc, for Sports and Youth Affairs department out of total 1.96b, Rs518m were released and Rs 146m were spent that was 28pc of the total released amount. For Health and Family Planning Rs 24.61, Rs 10.58 were released and Rs 1.52b were utilised that is 14pc, for Water Supply and Sanitation out of total ADP Rs 17.11b, Rs 4.38b were released and Rs 1.89b i.e 43pc were utilised, on social protection out of total ADP Rs 900m, Rs 151m were released, Rs 33.8m were used that was only 22pc. Likewise, out of total Rs 7.15b for regional planning, Rs 2.63b were released and Rs 928m were utilised that was 35pc, for Local government and Community Development out of total ADP Rs 4.45b, Rs 1.96b were released and 925m were spent that was 47pc.

No utilisation was shown on the District Development Packages with total ADP Rs 6.05b while total releases were Rs 2.5b. On Infrastructure Development out of total ADP Rs 139.8b, Rs 36.42b were released and Rs 16.88b were used that is 46pc, on roads out of Rs 33.5b, Rs 11.71b were released and Rs 7.34b were used i.e 63pc, on Irrigation sector out of total ADP Rs 35.59b, Rs 8.32b were released and Rs 4.03b were spent i.e 48pc, on energy sector out of Rs 22b, Rs 1.37b were released and only Rs 205m could be utilised that was only 15 pc of the total released. For Public Buildings out of Rs 8.23b, Rs 4.24b were released and Rs 1.68b i.e 39pc could be used, on the Urban Development including BRTS, out of total Rs 40.47b, Rs 10.766b were released and Rs 3.61b i.e 33pc were utilised.

The progress report further saud that on production sectors out of total revised budget allocation of Rs 20.86b, Rs 6.53b were released including the foreign aid and Rs 1.639b were utilised i.e 39pc, on Agriculture total allocation Rs 7.96b, total releases 3.454b and total utilisation Rs 1.44b i.e 41pc, Cooperatives total allocation Rs 100m no releases or utilisation was shown. On the Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, total ADP Rs 2.71b, total releases Rs 345m and utilisation Rs 87m that was 25pc, for Food sector out of Rs 940m, Rs 31m were released but no amount was shown as utilised, for Livestock sector total ADP Rs 3.78b, total releases Rs 102m and total utilisation Rs 34.75m i.e 33pc, for Industries sector out of total ADP Rs 4.1b, Rs 63 million were released and Rs 30.39m were spent. Mines and Minerals department spent Rs 16.566m while total released budget was Rs 130m out of total ADP 260m, Tourism department got Rs 68m and spent Rs 28.9m while total ADP was Rs 990m.

Likewise, on the Services sector out of total Rs 9.49b, Rs 2.01b were released and Rs 1.002b were utilised, on governance and information technology total allocated budget was Rs 7.39b, Rs1.449b were released and Rs 913m were spent, on Labour out of total ADP Rs 541m, Rs 116m were released while Rs 19m could be spent, on Transport out of Rs 109m, Rs 50.7m were released and Rs 36.9m were utilized, on Emergency services out of Rs 1.45b, Rs 400m were released and only Rs 32m were used, on environment out of Rs 190m, Rs 37m were released and Rs 1.5m were used i.e 4pc, Archaeology total ADP Rs 380m, released Rs 151m and used Rs 41.6m, on Auqaf total Rs 100m, released Rs 55m and used Rs 3m only, on Human rights out of total Rs 320m, Rs 6.83m were released and no utilisation was shown, P&D consumed Rs 122m out of Rs 220m released against total budget of Rs 4.95b.

A senior officer of the P&D Board while talking to this scribe hoped that the utilisation of the funds in the approaching months would be better as concerned quarters had been duly advised to show progress on the consumption of funds on the development purposes.