ISLAMABAD        -       Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has launched a campaign against tinted glasses across the capital city.

According to the SSP Traffic, no violation will be left unchecked. He said a mega campaign has been initiated by ITP against tinted glasses across the capital city. According to the officials, a large number of vehicles have been inspected during the campaign so far and the violators were issued tickets accordingly.

In a series of tweets on the occasion of the campaign, SSP (Traffic) Farrukh Rashid said that some people wish to guard their privacy but public safety should take precedence. “Drivers who cannot properly see out of the windscreens or through the rear view mirrors are a danger to themselves, their passengers and every other road-user,” he added.

He further said that heavy tints obstruct the work of police and rescue workers, making it difficult for them to identify suspects in criminal cases or victims in accidents. A fully blacked-out car can also be intimidating to other drivers, he viewed.

He was of the view that in a city that has a large number of vehicles on roads, eliminating the widespread use of illegal window tints ought to be a priority and no excuse is valid.

“If glare is a problem, wear sunglasses. If privacy is a concern, dress more modestly. If the car is hot after being parked in the sun, then crank up the air-conditioning. Tinted glasses/black papers are not allowed even 1%,” he argued.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police have arrested 18 persons in its crackdown against criminal elements during the last 24 hours and recovered narcotics and weapons from them, a police spokesman on Sunday.

He said following directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Muhammad Aamir Zulfqar Khan, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations) Waqar Ud Din Syed issued directions to all zonal officers for renewed efforts against those involved in anti-social activities.

According to the details, Industrial Area police arrested two accused Usama Islam and Shahzad Masih and recovered 3 wine bottles and 120 gram hashish from their possession respectively.

Shams Colony police arrested two persons namely Insaf Ullah and Ataullah involved in cylinder refilling.




 Khanna police arrested Shahid Khan and recovered a total of 1.075 kilogram hashish.

Sihala police arrested two accused Ameen Saeed and Yasir and recovered two 30-bore pistols along with ammunition. The police also arrested Naddem involved in a theft case. Secretariat police arrested two bootleggers Abdul Hameed and Muhammad Haris and recovered 60 litres alcohol and 10 tin bear from their possession.

Bhara Kahu police apprehended a drug pusher namely Atif and recovered 135 gram hashish from him. Banigala police arrested two accused Hassan Farooq and Awais Shafique and recovered six alcohol bottles from their possession.

Margalla police arrested 3 drug-peddlers namely Rameez Fareed, Ghulam and Muhammad Muddssar and recovered four wine bottles, 310 gram hashish and one 30-bore pistol from their possession. Tarnol police arrested an Afghan national Tahveel Khan. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway, according to the police.