LAHORE          -           Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCMEA), expressing serious concerns over deteriorating situation of handmade carpet industry, demanded the government to patronize this industry to reduce poverty in the country.  These views were expressed by Senior Vice Chairman PCMEA Sheikh Aamer Khalid while addressing a meeting of North Circle Committee held here on Sunday. Chairman Muhammad Aslam Tahir, Carpet Training Institute Chairperson Pervez Hanif, Senior Central leader Abdul Latif Malik, Senior Member Riaz Ahmed, Saeed Khan, Muhammad Akbar Malik, Major (R) Akhter Nazir, Faisal Saeed Khan, Muhammad Ali Iftikhar and others also participated in the meeting.   Addressing to Prime Minster Imran Khan, Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh and Advisor on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood, the PCMEA also demanded them to give a package of special incentives on patron of bailout package to carpet industry which would not only help the government for restoring industries in the country but also generate opportunities of jobs for youth in rural areas. 

Different committees were constituted in the meeting for the solutions of these problems and looking after other important affairs,  Sheikh Aamer Khalid said carpet industry is besetting with multiple crises due to these bleak circumstances and situation is turning into worse as there is not new investment in carpet industry.  He said Pakistan Carpet Association and Carpet Training Institute both are taking every possible step for restoration of this industry.

But the situation has reached at this point where government’s support has become inevitable.  He said once Pak handmade carpets were in great demand in the world but now the other countries took the hold of global carpet markets as we have failed to resolve issues of our industry besides this, we have no effective marketing at international level.


Sheikh Aamer Khalid said the carpet industry has great potential especially we can ensure the availability of jobs for women at their threshold at rural areas. He demanded the government to consider their proposals and give them time for meeting so that they can put forward suggestions to bring this back from the quagmire of crises and reactivate it through government’s support. 


During the meeting, it was also decided to compile suggestions to resolve issues.