The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) has miserably failed to protect the greenbelts from animals like cows neglecting the orders issued by the district administration in November 2015 in this respect.

Almost all the plants and saplings in the green belts have been ruined and eaten up by the cattle due to slackness of the officials of the Sialkot Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA). A few years ago, the TMA had established the green belts along the main city roads including Kashmir Road, Defence Road, Khawaja Safdar Road, Paris Road, Khadim Ali Road, Gohadpur Road, Circular Road, Sardar Begum Hospital Road, Jail Road and Kutchery Road by planting the very costly saplings so as to give a fresh and beautiful look to the city areas.

Now, the green belts are speaking volume about negligence of the officials. It remained unable to make a proper mechanism to secure and protect these plants, due to which, almost all of these plants have been ruined and eaten up by the cattle.

When contacted, officials of TMA averted to give comment on the issue.

Three months ago, DCO Dr Asif Tufail had ordered the TMA to make efforts to save the green belts. Local social, religious, business, political and educational circles of Sialkot have expressed grave concern over the situation.