Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said the PTI-led KP government is not privatizing hospitals and educational institutes , Waqt News reported. “We are implementing reforms in the province,” he said.

While addressing a press conference the PTI chairman said Essential Service Act has been implemented on the orders of Peshawar High Court. “Doctors who are absent from the duty came under the contempt of the court,” he pointed out. “95 percent doctors and health staff are with our government remaining five percent do not care about the poor."

Khan further said he will register FIR against PML-N leader Ameer Muqam for instigating the doctors for going on strike against the KP government. “We will establish autonomous boards over hospitals and educational institutes so they will be free from political interference."

On the issue of PIA privatization, Khan pointed out that PML-N has a history of privatizing the institutes with growth. “The ruling party did not talk to the workers. They should have talked to the PIA unions,” he said. “Government has killed two peaceful protestors, just to curb the protest"