LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch has said that unity of the Muslim world can free Muslims from the clutches of the colonial powers.

Addressing Ittehad-e-Ummah conferences in Lahore and Renala Khurd on Friday, he urged Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Qatar to join hands and adopt a common line of action for liberation of Kashmir, Palestine, Syria and Yemen.

Baloch said the situation in Afghanistan and Kashmir had reached a decisive stage due to the struggle and sacrifices of people. He said the Muslim world, especially Pakistan, should play a key role in this respect through wisdom, national unity and without showing any weakness. He said the Pakistani nation and people of the region had suffered heavily and now they should reap the fruit.

Commenting on Aleem Khan’s arrest, he said that both Jahangir Khan Tareen and Aleem Khan had been spending lavishly for the PTI and their accountability morally weekend Prime Minister Imran Khan’s position. He said the PTI was also heading towards failure like the PPP and the PML-N.