PARIS-Lily-Rose Depp has revealed that when she was a teenager her mother Vanessa Paradis bought her a cosmetic bag filled with beauty products which led to her ''affinity for lipstick''. Lily-Rose Depp's first beauty gift was a bag full of Chanel make-up.

The 19-year-old model-and-actress is the face of fragrance Chanel No 5 L'eau and she admits her love affair with brand began when she was a teenager and her singer-and-actress mother Vanessa Paradis gifted her a cosmetic bag filled with beauty products, and that led to her ''affinity for lipstick''. She said: ''The first make-up gift that I ever got when I was younger - that my mom got me for my 13th or 14th birthday - was a little Chanel make-up bag filled with Chanel make-up.'' ''I've always had an affinity for lipstick. I always watched my Mum do her make-up when I was younger, especially on tour. Even when she would have a make-up artist doing her whole look, she would do her lips by herself.'' The 'Faithful Man' star - who is also the face of Chanel's Rouge Coco Gloss - also confessed that she is very fussy with who is applying her lip liner because she knows she is the master at putting on her own lip products. Speaking to the February issue of Australia's Vogue magazine, Lily-Rose - whose dad is Hollywood icon Johnny Depp - said: ''I'm always very particular about who puts on my lip liner and my lipstick on. It's always kind of been my thing. I think that it has become so personal.

 I think it's good to know that there are certain things that only you know exactly how you want it to be shaped or how you want it to be done. Everybody knows what works best on their own face.''