LAHORE              -                Inspector General of Police Punjab Shoaib Dastgir said that for protection of properties and lives of people and supremacy of law, it was indispensable to further improve the working of Police stations therefore all officers should closely supervise the working of Police stations through close monitoring, effective supervision, inspection and addressing the issues of public by ensuring judicious implementation of law on priority basis. He further said that there was not leniency for those who show slackness and negligence and delaying tactics in resolving the issues of citizens at police stations therefore strict punishment should be taken against such persons in accordance with the discipline matrix. He stressed upon that, there should be not delay in taking legal actions against those involved in preparation of kites and metallic kite threads whereas the law banning aerial firing, kite flying should be strictly implemented and whoever violates the law should be taken into account without any delay. He further said that intelligence based operations against proclaimed offenders, drugs peddlers and land grabbers should be boosted up and senior officers should personally supervise these operations and furnish the weekly report to Central police office.

He moreover said that welfare eye project for welfare of Police martyrs and employees should be extended to rest of the districts of the province so that the problems of families of those who died in line of duty or embraced martyrdom should be resolved without any delay.