US president-elect Barak Obama named four people to top Pentagon posts Thursday, setting in motion the transition at the only department with a Republican in the top job. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates urged quick Senate confirmation to ensure a smooth wartime transition. The four were William Lynn as deputy defense secretary; Michele Flournoy as undersecretary of defense for policy; Robert Hale as Pentagon comptroller, and Jeh Charles Johnson, as general counsel. "I am confident that these distinguished individuals have the expertise and commitment needed to help me implement a sustainable national security strategy that combats 21st century threats and keeps the American people safe," Obama said in a statement. Lynn, a senior vice president for government operations and strategy at Raytheon, had been widely rumored to be the top candidate for the number two post at the Pentagon, which traditionally has gone to people with strong management background. He served as the Pentagon's comptroller from 1997 to 2000 during former president Bill Clinton's second term, and before that as its director of program analysis and evaluation.