BEIJING     -    China’s led Asian Infrastructure Invest­ment Bank (AIIB) will con­tinue to provide substantial support to Pakistan and other BRI member countries for their socio-economic de­velopment.

According to economic ex­perts, the AIIB, established in 2015, has surpassed expecta­tions in growth and has sev­eral achievements.

Pakistan was among the leading countries, whi

ch re­ceived necessary funding in the recent years for boosting its infrastructure network.

The AIIB will be a helping hand to Pakistan and other member countries in imple­menting the projects under Chi­na-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The number of members has increased from the ini­tial 57 to 97. Based on high standards in investment and operations, the bank has re­ceived a 3A rating from three of the most authoritative credit rating companies.

In only three and a half years, the AIIB has approved nearly 40 projects in 16 coun­tries with an accumulated investment of $8 billion. To date, India has been the larg­est beneficiary. These invest­ments have made significant contributions to connectivity and development in Asia.

The bank’s 230 full-time staff hail from 44 countries and regions, with the 12 members of the executive board representing different nations.