LONDON (AA) British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Monday warned that those responsible for leaking memos from the UK’s ambassador to the US will face serious consequences, defending Sir Kim Darroch in the latest leak. Hunt said the revelations of Darroch’s memos undermines British diplomacy and the work of British diplomats across the globe and will not be taken lightly by the government who aims to find those responsible.

On Sunday, the British ambassador to Washington in the leaked memo described US President Donald Trump as “inept” and “insecure”. Moreover, he said the White House administration under Trump has become “uniquely dysfunctional” due to the “vicious infighting and chaos” and questions whether it “will ever look competent”. The leak has opened up a controversy between the two Atlantic allies with Trump criticizing Darroch as not serving the UK well and Hunt defending the ambassador by arguing that Darroch’s opinion was his own and that he was doing his job as an ambassador.