ISLAMABAD (PR) Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network, Zong 4G, offers the widest 4G roaming services in over 32 countries, with 48 international roaming partners, to its custom­ers. The company is offering the best-in-class 4G experience both at home and abroad.

Through interconnection, Zong 4G’s subscribers can now roam internationally while maintaining their LTE connectivity.

Zong 4G is here to provide the care and services to travellers that makes it the most distin­guishable network in the mar­ket. “Why roam with rest, when you have the best”, spokesperson Zong 4G stated and added, “We have announced that a new re­cord number of countries are now being covered by Zong 4G’s un­matched roaming services.”

These destinations include UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Canada, Thailand, China, Hong Kong China, Macau China, Taiwan China, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Kenya, Lux­embourg, Mauritius, Myanmar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Roma­nia, Indonesia, Azerbaijan,