Rawalpindi-Police in their crackdown against anti-social elements have arrested 11 lawbreakers besides recovering 1240 grams charras (Marijuana), 13 liters liquor, four bottles of liquor, four pistols 30 bore with 61 rounds, a 9 MM pistol with five rounds andother items from their possession.

According to a police spokesman, Sadiqabad police rounded up Waqas for having 1240 grams

charras. Airport police arrested Zaka Ahmed and recovered eight liters liquor.

Kahuta police nabbed Khazir for carrying five liters liquor and Asif on recovery of four bottles of liquor. Other accused were sent behind the bars for having illegal weapons.

                Meanwhile, Morgah and Saddar Baroni police conducted raids at illegal petrol agencies and apprehended Amir and Waqas.