KARACHI - The CDGK has bought four baby elephants from Tanzania, the contractor of the project told The Nation on Friday. The four elephants, including a male and three female animals, are 2-3 years old and passing through the quarantine period in a Tanzanian city, he said, adding the babies would be kept there for more than fifteen days. He further said that these elephants would be brought to Karachi by the end of this month. Tanzanian wildlife department has declared these elephants fit to be handed over to the Karachi Zoological Garden and Safari Park. It is pertinent to mention here that Tanzanian wildlife department had donated these elephants to CDGK on the condition that the expenditures of their transportation, quarantine station and export would be paid by the city government. A CDD official said that all arrangements have been finalised to shift these elephants to the Karachi Zoo and Safari Park, two for each place. Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has allowed the CDGK that these four baby elephants will be a donation for educational purposes under some conditions. The conditions were: capturing of elephants would be done by a reputable Tanzanian company with Trophy Dealers License (TDL); all expenditure for capturing, transportation, quarantine station and export procedure would be borne by the city government or its contractor; capturing process would be done in the presence of a wildlife officer and the signing a MoU with director wildlife department before exporting these four elephants to Pakistan.