ISLAMBAD - The decision of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) to show door to their Member National Assembly from Rawalpindi Haji Pervaiz Khan on exams scandal may backfire, as the report of National Assembly Standing Committee on Education saw the whole episode as a conspiracy to malign the PML(N), while the statements of the persons involved in the case were also conflicting. Though he had not formally tendered his resignation yet Haji Pervaiz Khan was solid like a rock on his decision and said that despite not proved guilty he would comply with the direction of the party leadership as party discipline was on top of his priority list. Some of the senior party leaders questioned the rationale behind constituting the party committee to probe the issue of Haji Pervaiz Khan cheating scandal and were of the view that he (Haji Pervaiz) was Member Parliament and the matter should have been decided at the level of the Parliamentary Committee on Education. And by doing so the party committee had bypassed the Parliament, the institution every political party wanted to see strong and sovereign, they added. A party leader on the condition of anonymity said that now the NA Education Committee on Education headed by PML(N) MNA Abid Sher Ali was taking almost a 180 degree opposite line to what the three-member committee of the party had taken on the basis of which MNA Haji Pervaiz Khan was asked to resign. The political analysts view the hasty decision of PML(N) to shunt out party MNA involved in exams cheating without checking the details of the case was to just save the party image which had gained extraordinary boost following the partys role in movement for the restoration of the judges of superior judiciary. A party leader said that instead of holding inquiry for itself the party should have waited for the decision of the NA Standing Committee on Education, which was the right forum for tackling the issue. He further said that now when the NA Standing Committee was viewing the whole case in entirely different perspective and saw a conspiracy in the case to malign the growing popularity of PML(N), where would the party stand if Haji Pervaiz Khan was proved innocent, and added that in that case too the image of the party would be dented. The persons who were aware of the whole case informed The Nation that on the basis of the statements of the witnesses and the circumstantial evidence it would be extremely difficult to prove Haji Pervaiz Khan guilty. They further said that if the Education Board officials concerned and the police officials, who had taken the bail of the accused in the case were suspended on the demand of the Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Education Abid Sher Ali, and they would come out clear from the inquiry then where would stand the decision of the party high command to show door to their MNA.