ISLAMABAD-Admission season has almost ended but parents are still struggling to get their children admitted in various schools as there are a limited number of seats in various schools while thousands apply for them. With admission process in most of the schools coming to an end, hundreds of parents are uncertain about the future of their children. Although the exact number of students who could not get admission to any of the top schools could not be confirmed, yet it certainly runs into several thousands. Model schools, which are a few in number remain the preference of the parents for various reasons such as standard of education, fees and overall atmosphere. But nobody can manage admission to any of the top schools without a recommendation and generally these schools remain beyond the reach of the lower middle class families. Muhammad Saeed, one such aggrieved parent said, I have either to seek admission to some expensive school or make my daughter sit at home and wait till the next year. There is a dearth of educational institutions in the city having good academic standards and which are affordable as well. Two, three and four sections of each class have been set up in schools still there is no place for new students. Even children of class I and II are unable to go to school because there are no seats for them in the public schools. They are of school-going age and entitled to free tuition, but owing to the lack of accommodations, they cannot get into admission the public schools. Though new schools were set up in previous years but they were never upgraded to higher secondary level so the problem still continues. The blame for the lack of accommodation is with the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), said Ali Sher Rind, General Secretary, Federal Government Teachers Association (Schools). Taking into account natural increase and migration of the population towards the capital the infrastructure has not been developed to meet the needs of growing population. Its been a year that the government has not appointed a permanent D.G of FDE. And the Acting DG, Atique-ur-Rehman, rarely visits the directorate and the problems faced by the teachers and schools remain unresolved he added. The post for Director Schools (Girls) is also lying vacant while a female has been appointed as Director Schools (Boys) in contrast. Things are so messed up here and there has been no accountability in the FDE since a decade. It is still being run in the same dictatorial mode set by the former DG, Brig (Retired) Maqsud-ul-Hassan. People are humiliated and remain queued for hours just to change the shift from evening to morning of their children or get admission, said another teacher. Despite repeated attempts the spokesperson couldnt be contacted for comments and Director Model Colleges, Mujahid Zameer, also refused on respond to the issue.