ISLAMABAD - Mian Shaukat Masud, President ICCI, has said that the government should not let Pakistans industry incur losses because of Indian goods export to Afghanistan through Wagha-Khyber land route as envisaged in the new Pak-Afghan Transit Trade Agreement. In a press statement issued here on Friday, he also hoped that the transit trade agreement would lead to promotion of healthy relations between Pakistan and India also as this agreement was supposed to provide access to Indian goods to Afghanistan through Wagha-Khyber transit route. He also said that business community of Pakistan wanted good relations with all neighbouring countries, including India and Afghanistan, as this is vital to the prosperity of the people of these countries. However, he cautioned that this agreement should ensure prevention of smuggled goods to Pakistan, particularly transported via Wagha-Khyber transit route, so that Pakistans domestic industry might not incur losses. Mian Shaukat said Pakistan had already suffered a lot due to Afghan-Transit Trade Agreement as the goods brought to Afghanistan under this accord played havoc with the domestic industries. He said that despite the availability of all kinds of goods, Pakistan failed to compete with the duty-free goods smuggled back to Pakistan from Afghanistan. Therefore, he stressed upon the government not let Pakistans industry suffer because of this new agreement.