ISLAMABAD - Health Ministrys plan for establishing clinics based on traditional health systems (Homoeopathy & Unani medicine) in the public sector hospitals came to a halt due to lack of interest on part of the authorities concerned. In 2007 a proposal was submitted to the Ministry by National Council of Tibb and National Council of Homeopathy to introduce a Homoeopathic and Tibb section in government hospitals on the pattern of National Institute of Health and District Headquarter Hospital Rawalpindi as already these two hospitals have Tibb and Homoeopathic clinics. Later due to non-serious attitude of the high ups in ministry the programme was suspended till date and no further development had been taken in this regard. Earlier, it was decided that initially the project would be launched on pilot basis in three major public sector hospitals including Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Federal Government Services Hospital and Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre. And the management of the said hospitals were directed at that time to establish clinics in consultation with Homeopathy and Tibb council. When the officials of the Polyclinic were approached in this regard they asked how they were supposed to take any action when the health ministry did not bother to make appointments of homeo doctors and Hakeem. Being a doctor I dont agree with this suggestion as it can hamper our job, a hospital is meant to treat on allopathic system so why homeopathic and Hakeem should be hired in it, said another doctor seeking not to be named. He said that if the government wanted to offer medical services based on traditional system then it should establish separate homeopathic hospitals or Hikmat-khana. According to the officals of Pakistan Institute of Medical Science two years ago the issue was taken up and the hospital administration also allocated area for the clinic. But later ministry kept mum and so nothing further happened. He was of the same view and said The idea is quite ridiculous to allow a homeopathic doctor and Hakeem to practice in government hospitals. If government is establishing homeopathic educational institutes then it should also establish hospitals to provide a platform them for practice purpose, he added. He also had the reservations over establishing Homoeo and Tibb clinics in public sector hospitals on the grounds that according to him it was just waste of money as the scientific basis of those systems were doubtful and controversial. When the president of the National Council of Homeopathy Dr Mahmood-ul-Haq Abbasi was contacted in this regard, he said, 'Recently the issue was taken up at a meeting held between Director General Health and Homeopathic doctors delegation and we urged them to take some immediate action on this issue. Dr Rasheed Jooma has assured us that soon the project would start either at Polyclinic or PIMS hospital, he stated. He lamented that due to lack of authorities concern this important issue remained neglected as a large number homoeopathic doctors that passed out every year and there was no hospital at government level where they could practice. Both the Tibb and Homeopathy Council have asked the government to establish clinics for homeopathic doctors and Hakeems in public sector hospitals especially in the capital, said Hakeem Rizan Ex-President of Tibb Council. He said that health ministry officials at that time had also advised PIMS and Polyclinic administration to allocate an area in this regard. But despite lapse of two years, authorities concerned failed to introduce the system even in Islamabad, he added. When Director General Dr Rasheed Jooma was contacted to comment on the issue he was not available for comments.