ISLAMABAD: The citizens of the federal capital are facing problems at the check posts established in and around the Federal Capital, as Police official deputed on the check posts reportedly behave harshly and insult the commuters. In the current security scenario, the Police high-ups have made fool proof security arrangements in the capital to make it safe and sound for the citizens. In this regard, check posts were established at the entrance and exit points of the city along with some others set up in different areas of the city. These check posts may be found useful for the security purpose but they have also made people sick because of the harsh attitude of the police. A few minutes at these posts are sufficient to observe police high-handedness especially with the cab drivers. TheNation on Friday visited different check-posts and also talked to the commuters regarding their concerns over these check posts and it was observed that most of the police officials behaved rudely with the people while some time the exchange of hot words was also witnessed on different check posts. Faraz, an employee of a cell phone company, when asked said that the establishment of these checks posts was necessity of time and somehow he felt secure with these but the only thing which disturbed him and others was the attitude of the police. I have to come to Islamabad daily from Rawalpindi. Sometime the police constables stop me for search. It is good and I never feel bad but often they start asking irrelevant questions like where are you going and from where u are coming. It irritates me, he added. Cab driver Muhammad Riaz said that some police officials are taking advantage of deteriorating law and order situation of the country as they stop any vehicle under the pretext of checking then they start quarries about the documents just to get bribes. He said that they were thinking that the police behaviour would be changed after increase in their salaries but unfortunately some of the Police officials were still involve in taking bribe and behaving rudely. He added that he was unable to understand why they do not stop or feel reluctant to stop and behave rudely with those who travel in costly vehicles. However, it was also observed that some of the citizens do not stop their vehicles on these pickets and if they stop, they feel insulted, which some time results in exchange of harsh words.