LAHORE -Majority of the businessmen have welcomed the government decision to launch full-scale decisive military operation against militants and extremists, saying that the government had shown all its patience to settle Swat issue through dialogues but Taliban with their perverse behaviour had rejected all sincere efforts. Commenting on the Swat situation and rising religious extremism, the business community said that govt had no other option but to launch military operation in Swat for the establishment of government writ. Traders demanded that all the groups of Taliban must lay down their arms. They were of the view that militants and Taliban agenda was neither according to teachings of Islam nor Sharia. They are ruthless invaders who wanted to seize power through terror and intimidation. They demanded the govt that rigorous military action should be taken against those responsible for killing innocent people. They said all sections of the society would support the governments efforts to eliminate extremists from the country. The LCCI President, Mian Muzaffar Ali, has said that the government should ensure the safety of general public in its war against extremist elements who have challenged the writ of the govt. He said that the deteriorating law and order situation had sent a very wrong signal to the foreign investors and they were reluctant to put their money in any new venture in Pakistan therefore the government decision to improve law and order situation is a step in right direction. But, he said that those innocent who have no role in the ongoing situation must not be targeted and be provided a safe passage out of that area. However, he made it clear that the action launched by the government must not be prolonged because a prolonged action is bound to create other issues for the government. A member of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce said elimination of extremism was a must to give a boost to economic activity in the country. He raised the question that as to how foreign investment would come into the country when extremists are challenging the writ of the government. He said elimination of militants was necessary to restore confidence of bussiness community and attract foreign investment. Mian Muzaffar Ali said that business community wants peace in this country which had been suffering for the last many years due to multiple reasons including shortage of energy and this was the right time to make collective efforts to cope with the issues being faced by the country. He said that peace and investment of the process of industrialization go side by side and if there is no peace in any country nobody would be able to do business what to talk of foreign investment. Zahid Hussaind, a business man, said Prime Minister had taken a right decision to wipe out extremists as the were enemy the country and the nation. He said attacks in the name of religion should be stopped. He said military action was must to restore peace and stability in entire country, adding the operation should continue till achievement of desired results. Some industrialists were of the view that they opposed the both, the Talbanisations and the army operations, as the army operation was an extension of imperialist operation in Afghanistan. They also demanded the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan and said that the real cause of the strengthening of religious extremism was due to presence of NATO armies in Afghanistan and Iraq. There was no military solution of religious extrimis, it has to be opposed by increasing literacy rate. We must build a schools and colleges and spread maximum sources of employment, said Akhtar Ali Ahmed, an industrialist. He believed that army operation was another kind of mistake by the government after the mistake of a so-called peace deal. He suggested the political parties to build a resistant movement to Taliban by building trade unions and peasant movement, with an immediate effective relief package for all those who had to leave their homes to safe their lives. Traders said that one problem was inability of leaders to reach a consensus on important issues. They have yet to decide that Taliban are an asset or liability.