LAHROE - Seminars and awareness programmes including walks were held in different parts of the city on International Thalassaemia Day to create awareness among the masses about the disease. A seminar was held at Fatima Jinnah Medical Colleges auditorium to create awareness among the children and their parents. The seminar was held under the aegis of Thalasaeimia Society of Pakistan. Speaking on the occasion Secretary General of the Society Professor Dr Yasmin Rashid said that Thalasaemia affected children were more courageous than that of normal ones. She said that if these children were cared properly they could prove themselves very good citizens. Chief Guest of the seminar and principal of Fatima Jinnah Medical College, professor Dr Rakhshanda Rehman said we would fully cooperate for children suffering from this disease whenever required. Sundas Foundation observed World Thalessaemia Day celebration in collaboration with Pakistan Medical Society. Fatmid Foundation held a peaceful walk on Saturday, which started from Liberty Market Ground and ended at the same Ground after passing through Liberty Round About. The walk was participated by children affected by Thalesaemia, their parents and students of universities. Thalassaemia is most common genetic disorder in the world. About 250 millions people, 4.5 percent population of the world, are affected by Thalassaemia. Mediterranean countries like Cyprus, Sardinia Greece, Middle East, Pakistan, India, Burma and Thailand are facing threats of this disease. These views were expressed by chairman Sundas foundation Munno Bhai while addressing the World Thalessaemia Day celebration in collaboration with Pakistan Medical Society, at Sundas Foundation, Shadman. He said that the purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity to doctors, patients and families associated with the Thalassaemia patients to make positive contact with others in the country that are facing the same problem. When both the partners are Thalassaemia carriers there is 25 percent chance of having a Thalassaemia Major Child, 50 percent chance of Thalassaemia Carrier/Minor child and 25 percent chance is to have Normal child. If only one or none of the couple is a carrier, none of the child will be a Thalassaemia Major. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt and India are among the few countries that have controlled the disease through legislation and public awareness. All unmarried persons and those married persons who are planning to have a child should get themselves tested for Thalassaemia carrier status by a blood test. Bone Marrow Transplantation can cure Thalassaemia but it requires HLA matched sibling. Dr Masood Sheikh said that Thalassaemia Major patients require life long repeated blood transfusions and medicines for their survival.