IT is a pity that Mian Shahbaz Sharif should have to censure the federal set-up for trying to let off the hook Hamesh Khan, accused of embezzling billions of rupees while he was the President of the Bank of Punjab, and giving virtually no indication to the US authorities to hand him over to Pakistan. The need has arisen owing to the wayward mindset at the centre that condones foul play. One had wished that the federal government would have acted on its own without anyone reminding it of its obligations. Mian Shahbaz made it clear that if immediate action is not taken Hamesh would exploit the loopholes in the US penal system and would be beyond the reach of law. In all conscience, the Peoples Party has veered off the track when it comes to nabbing down the culprits who have milked the countrys resources in broad daylight. On the other side of the spectrum, the stress of being in the thick of it has forced the Law Secretary Justice (R) Muhammad Aqil Mirza to call it quits. Though he attributed the resignation to his ailing health, it is obvious that he did not want to fight a losing battle on behalf of the President and decided rather to retreat peacefully. The Law Secretary is the fourth casualty. It is worth pointing out that Attorney General Anwar Mansoor while giving his resignation, pointed a finger at Law Minister Babar Awan for preventing officials from sending letters to the Swiss authorities to restart proceedings against President Zardari. The oft-repeated claims by Prime Minister Gilani of transparency and democracy ring hollow in the face of such fierce defiance. He cannot escape the blame of engaging in a conduct that reeks of duplicity. The fault-line that has developed on the political landscape is harmful for the system as well as the country. There is simply no point in waging a war against the judiciary for the sake of shielding a few errant politicians. It is up to the Prime Minister, which side he wants to represent. Reports of financial misdemeanours are making it to the headlines almost on a daily basis and being a bystander wont be a service to the nation. It is hoped he would join hands with the forces desirous of seeing a new Pakistan, clean from the scourge of racketeering. He must immediately order Hamesh Khans arrest and ensure that the SCs historic verdict on the NRO is implemented in letter and in spirit. Apart from a free judiciary, the job the media is playing is yielding fruitful results and as a result people are conscious of their rights more than ever. Therefore if errant individuals among the ruling junta are given marching orders, it would earn the government ringing applause from everywhere.