PUNE (India) The comments by former coach Intikhab Alam about the Pakistan team members as mentally-retarded are very harsh, according to the teams former psychologist Maqbool Babri. Speaking to the TheNation on Saturday evening, he said: I dont know all players as all of them were not treated by me but I can say that they are great and talented. They need more support. First, I think that the comments are perhaps too harsh when the team is on a very important tour. Secondly, the grooming is the responsibility of the coaches. I understand there are many coaches with the team, he added. I think the team is exceptionally talented but they may require some mental strengthening and during the match with England, the team did not look very happy and hence body language was more tentative rather than positive and confident, Babri (also known as Max) said. I also think that the coaches could contribute by talking to the players and encouraging them rather than perhaps letting their frustration influence their coaching counselling and mentoring role. The psychologist refused to offer individual comments on team managements remarks about the players that they dont know how to wear their clothes and how to talk in a civilised manner. However, he added, I wish to emphasise the point that a counsellor/psychologist must be involved with the board, officials and the players to help create a vision which become a shared goal for all. It should be a well articulated and clearly understood vision that has a very broad buy in so that we are moving in the same direction. Criticising other wont take us anywhere. We must learn to collaborate and pool our talents instead of feeling insecure about diversity of talent, Max said.