Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan have recently met in Bhutan where they had gone to attend the SAARC summit. According to reports in the media, the two leaders had agreed to hold composite talks covering all issues between the two neighbouring countries even though no time frame was set in this regard. Even this minor development was hailed as a great step forward and described adnauseum as a 'break through. Composite talks are yet to be held and when they are, hopefully sooner rather than later, we would come to know what matters can be deliberated between leaders of India and Pakistan without any preconditions. But here is a very pertinent question for PM Gilani and FM Qureshi of Pakistan, who led our side in Bhutan; did they raise the all important issue of India exploiting its power on all international for a to create obstructions in the way of Pakistan securing the civil nuclear technology from US? There was no mention of the issue at all in various interviews that our leaders gave after returning home from Bhutan. -AHSAN ABDUL HAQ SHAIKH, Lahore, May 7.